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14KM Stone, Near Gurukul, Dhiranwas, Balsamand Raod, Hisar-125001 (Haryana)

Vikas Defence School

And Sports Academy

Principal's Message

I am feeling immense pleasure by welcoming you to our school website.

We have the best environment in our school where is a process of individual formulation, positive attitude and development of questioning mind. We trust that attitude and posture towards life and learning are both formed in early childhood. The special features of education of a child greatly judge his mindset and finally his future success.

 As we believe that adolescence is the age of both mental and physically transformation. At this stage moral values play a very important role. Students in our school are given best practices regarding Indian culture, rituals and rites.

Our teachers are not only the instructor but also true guides whose primary aim is to prepare every child to successful face a challenging world outside the school. We want to make our students mentally strong as well as physically. Child centered, logic based, well planned lessons with sufficient stress on co-curricular activities and sports for physical well being under personal supervision of the principal are offered to ensure great quality of education.

We are passionate about creating a ‘learning’ institution that is dynamic and constantly searching excellence to meet the needs of the presents as well as the future.

With the noble purpose I request all staff, parents and well wishers to join hands together as we take ‘VDS’ to greater heights.